NPRS #1 goal is to secure all properties. Whether it’s an initial secure, changing of the locks or boarding of the windows, we take the necessary steps to secure each property according to investor or insurer guidelines.

Snow Removal

NPRS removes snow from entry walkways, porches, and driveways per client request.


vacant houses need to be ready for temperature extremes. NPRS prepares the plumbing system and components to not be affected by temperature extremes through the winter.

Debris Removal

NPRS removes all interior and exterior debris. All debris inside and out will be removed once the property is in or has gone through foreclosure per client request. This is a routine process that keeps properties up to code.

Estimates & Repairs

Property damages can result in city violations, citations or even repel prospective buyers. NPRS quickly and efficiently provides estimates and repairs for all damaged properties.


Inspections allow our client to protect the condition and value of each property. NPRS performs accurate property inspections that provide critical information about the occupancy and condition of the property so that the necessary actions may be made to service it.

Recurring/Ongoing Services

NPRS understands the importance of maintain the property up to code and up to its true value. We address that with our recurring services such as maid service/ lawn maintenance and other ongoing service per client request.

Lawn Maintenance

Initial and re-cuts include:

  • mowing the lawn
  • edging and trimming
  • blowing and sweeping all grass clippings
  • removing all incidental debris
  • trimming shrubs, pruning trees

What Our Clients Say

Thanks so much for all your efforts in turning my little “cave like” kitchen into a very sleek and modern room. Your trades people worked quickly and efficiently and the workmanship was wonderful. My new appliances have now arrived and they fit in perfectly with the clean streamlined look we were trying to accomplish. Thanks again for everything.

Claire Dorsey

I was absolutely thrilled with each of every trade you brought into my home throughout my kitchen renovation. The trades all worked so well together, they never overlapped, were clean, precise and meticulus. Once you began the job I was amazed at how you never left it, until 100% complete. You built me the kitchen I always dreamed to have exactly the way I dreamt it.

Kenneth Carrasco
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